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TwT-The Write Therapy-My New Project

I haven't written too much in the last couple of months. Firstly my father fell on November 29th and broke his hip. He would not work with the physical therapists who were assigned to help him. This caused to get to get pneumonia in the hospital as well. On the morning of the New Years Day in 2023, he passed away. This has really affected me. For the last two years, there has not been a day that we have ever been apart. He needed someone here at all times, so it effected both of our lives where most of our time was spent together. Throughout the daily routines of the last two years, all that we really had were each other. We have had our definite fights and disagreements over this time, but even though I hated these exchanges then, I truly do miss them now. I hate the silence that this house has in it right now.

I have been trying to focus on keeping myself busy and writing some new projects at this moment. New writing has been very difficult for me. I haven't been able to concentrate on new ideas in my head at this time. So I have been trying to concentrate on a new program that I want to make a reality. This program is called the The Write Therapy and I can truly attest that this form of therapy does work for people. It does take time, but using writing can affect everyone's life for the better. I wrote two novels that were over 130,000 words each and writing them took massive amounts of extensive research and 3 years to complete. That has led me to what I truly want to do now, which is write and help others to find this way of making themselves better. I truly believe that writing saved my life during this time.

Some people have responded wonderfully to the first novel that I had printed. However, most people did not enjoy it. I truly believe that the characters and the story are incredibly strong, but I decided to show my own progress in my health through my writing. This included mental disorders, PTSD, many head injuries, a skull fracture and a brain injury. When I started writing, I was anything but perfect. I made grammatical errors and I ran sentences and paragraphs on for way too long. I made the book way to hard for the reader to enjoy it. They could not get over how I wrote the book. So I wanted to tie in the story with the way that I wrote the novel. I think that this is very important.

That is why I am creating "The Write Therapy." program. I plan to make a limited edition of the book available which I will call the therapy edition of the book and will show people that join the program what is possible. I am then also going to revise the book and make it more reader friendly, for the everyday consumer. I need to get this message out to people, especially during this time in everyone's lives. There have been far too many people that have been taking their own lives or just giving up and living their lives in institutions or on the streets. People need a good example of what can be done and what they can accomplish again, rather than just give up. Firstly, I need to find the best way possible to get this message out to the public and what I need to work on the most. Look for more soon.

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