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I have become very skeptical of doctors and government agencies to help me anymore. They have got to really earn my trust now. I had so many issues with doctors of being misdiagnosed by certain doctors and given the wrong medication that made me even more sick. I really do not trust what many of them have to say anymore. Especially, since they would not listen to me, at all. I believe that this connection between doctors and patients should go both ways.

Plus, I had to go onto Medicaid for my insurance because of the lack of money that I had and no income coming my way. I have been in so many hospitals and nursing homes now that charge an astronomical amount to the government for taking care of Medicaid patients. However, if a patient has got to keep coming to the doctor and never completely gets well, that merry-go-round of charging the government by doctors keeps going on.

That is a huge hit to their income. Seeing this up close has really made me suspicious if they really want patients to become well enough to not live their lives in hospital waiting rooms or nursing homes. I believe that there is so much corruption going on at both ends of the spectrum, that living through it is a living hell in my opinion.

I have done nothing but try everything that I can do and do it the correct way. I have jumped through every hoop that has been asked of me, several times in many cases. However, I have witnessed so many lazy and unwilling people swindle these programs, and I cannot get any actual help. Just the misdiagnosis of a problem or giving the wrong medication could make this easily happen. If a person continues to be sick, then the cycle continues.

As for some doctors, I was stuck seeing that one unscrupulous doctor for nearly two years who was taking me off pills that worked and putting me on pills that were making me sicker. He kept telling me that if I quit him or these pills, “I would die”. Not until I denied this and told this doctor to ‘go to hell’ did I start to become more healthy and stronger after several years of therapy and a fire lit in my belly.

I put in complaints against this doctor and against one of the nursing homes that I was thrown into. I did this for being misdiagnosed, and also giving out my medical information to this certain relative who was not on any list to get any information. He was not my POA or had nothing to do with me legally. He was just related to me and stormed into meetings with my doctors and bullied them into telling him about my medical status.

Plus, he was giving them false information at the same time, making them not believe me and misdiagnosing me more. He was a know-it-all who thought that he knew everything, but he and the doctors were horribly wrong. You can see how I lost trust in many things after all that I have been through.

I continue to try to become a better man, inside and out. I strive to become an author. I have got to do it very slowly, but I can do it, and it is a form of therapy and escapism for me and everything that I have been through in the past six years.

I still cannot fathom the audacity of some people, even those that are related to me, and am still very cynical toward the actions of some people. I am trying to find the blessing and faith in other selfless human beings, but this may take a while to do. Please, show me the example of how humans should treat one another.

Thank you for reading my tale. I hope that it can make so many things incredibly better. You may reach me via email at and I would be happy to give you any answers or talk to you about all that I have been through.

God Bless and Take Care,

Dean O’Quinn

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