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Updated: May 30, 2023

After going through a hell of injuries and government regulations over the past 6 years, I have been amazed at the fraudulent activities done by individuals who want to take advantage of the system. I have spent an ungodly amount of time sitting in government offices watching these people interact with these poor government employees. They always have the least amount of paperwork, have done as little as humanly possible to get into government programs, and seem to always get everything that they want. It has been mind-boggling and heart-wrenching to me.

I have always believed in doing what is right and have always followed all of the rules and did every bit of paperwork, no matter how long it has taken me. Amazingly, I have been denied from getting all of these social programs after doing everything right. Also, I have been extremely friendly and nice to the employees that I have worked with. It is like the government workers look at me as if I was trying something different to take advantage of them and the system. They look at me funny and always treat me like I am doing horrible things to them. It is like they are saying to themselves, "How is this guy trying to pull the wool over my eyes!" This has been so sad to witness. When did being nice and doing the right thing become the exception to the rule!

I have also seen that 80% of the people in these offices, or probably over the phone, have been the loudest, most rude people to deal with. They yell and scream, and often times throw things. Especially tantrums!!! And yet, these people get away with it and it works. They often get whatever they are asking for because government workers do not want to deal with them or being yelled or cussed at loudly. I, being the pleasant one, am always the one called to the window next and have to follow these people and the anxiety ridden employee that they have left behind. And the worst part is that they don't care. As they get to do as little as possible to make government money, they have accomplished their goal for the day.

This is where I have a real problem with government employees and the government regulations that they say that they have rule over. I come up with the appropriate paperwork, smile and keep my voice pleasant, and treat them kindly. They have just been plowed under by the most unpleasant person who treats them like trash, and because I am acting rationally, they treat me horribly and fight back at me by denying everything. I feel like they couldn't yell and deny the last person, so they take it out on me. You can look at every government employees face and see that look on their face. They have just gotten treated horribly, so they are going to do the same to the next person who treats them decently.

This has got to change. Make the people take drug tests before they even try to get government subsidies. If they fail, they are denied. If the people in the government are treated badly, deny that person on the spot and have them escorted from the building. If it happens 3 times, their picture will be on a not be allowed in bulletin and they will not be given entry. Make people get a job and become a valued member of society. If they choose to not get any employment and live on the streets, then they should be cut off from any government subsidies. That is their choice. However, find land, build small houses or shelters on these pieces of land and they get moved there. Get them away from other valued members of society and make it so children never have to walk through their encampments. This is their choice and would also be so much cheaper for the taxpayers and safer for the family units. It it time that we quit giving away the farm to provide for these people. If they choose this life, then let them live it,

I am disabled, both mentally and physically, because of many injuries. I NEED HELP and I have been unable to get it because all of these government programs cater to these uncaring, rude, ill-tempered, scary people! We need to help the true individuals who want to give back to society in a caring and good way. My goodness, this is so needed in our society, and it is like we are living in an upside-down world. In the 1930's and 40's, they were called hobos and lived in hobo camps and kept away from caring society. This isn't uncaring, this isn't being mean to the unfortunate, this is their choice.!!!

Let them live this way, but keep them away from me, children, and other caring people.

If they have a mental illness, then they should be taken off the street and institutionalized. I would gladly have my tax dollars going toward institutions to help the people with mental illness, instead of legal drug dens and people living like animals on the street. This is the cruel thing that we are doing to people. We are feeding their lifestyle and we don't care if it bleeds over onto the society trying to do the right thing or the children who have to witness it. This has turned into cruelty for not only them, but for the rest of society as well. It is like our whole world has blinders on, ignores the problems, and watches it go to hell! IT IS MADNESS!!!

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