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Thinking outside of the box!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I have always had questions that I have always wondered about. Especially after going through a lifetime of research. Even at Sunday School, I was taught that the first humans were Adam and Eve. Now they had two sons, Kane and Abel. It is written in the bible that Kane kills his brother, God marks him and he goes and lives with the people on Nod. Now where did these people come from?

Out of the blue, a strange question will just pop into my head and I really don't know how I can explain my answer to these questions: Like if a person has been blind since birth...Do they still dream in color? I have asked this question to several people but have gotten several different answers. Scientifically, this would be highly unlikely...but spiritually, this makes me think that a person does... and this may sound like I'm more beholden to my faith. I hate the words that I don't know...But I would rather rely on faith and beliefs that I can't see over logic and science any day of the week.

Here is a question that I have had lately because of this crazy world that we live in at this time. I grew up around guns either using them for sport shooting, hunting or being involved in turkey shoots where you compete against a group of other people by shooting shotguns at clay pigeons and the winner gets frozen turkeys or hams. The best that I ever did was win four frozen turkeys and three frozen hams. That was a great day!

Now, because I know of the safe way to handle any firearms, I do not believe that any gun is responsible for shooting anyone. It takes the action of the person using it to pull the trigger. This seriously unknowledgeable or truly evil person can use a knife, a car or any blunt object as a weapon. A person can even use a rock as poor Abel unfortunately found out.

I went through gun safety at 13 years old, in order to be able to buy a hunting license and I think that it would be wise to have any person go through a training on the safe use of firearms before they can legally purchase a firearm. Anyone not purchasing it legally, should be put away from society.

What happened to punishing those people that commit a crime, anyway? Take half of the money that we spend on idiotic things and build more prisons and places for people with mental illness. Build more rehabilitation centers. Any street is not a good place for these people to be living, for them or for the society where other people are trying to live safely around them.

Here is a thought, if buying a gun puts a person on a watch list...Why not put people who purchase body armor on a a serious watch list. Nobody needs body armor for anything besides having the police not shoot you. Unless you are in the military or on the police force, you do not need body armor. Except for maybe for going to the store in the near future!

I have rambled on enough but I wanted to talk about the most interesting question that I was ever asked in a job interview and the answer that I gave. The boss asked me if somebody piled quarters next to the Empire State Building, how many quarters would this take? In my mind, the first thought to come to me was to ask, "Are the quarters laying flat, or are they standing on their edges?" I got the job because of my way of thinking outside of the box. Please...Think about things in a different way...This does nothing but good!

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