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Help add mysteries of the universe quotes and other information

I get a large amount of gratitude in writing important quotes that inspire me to learn, grow, and that just make me laugh. I often do the research on finding the right quotes that incorporate themselves along the meaning of each chapter. If I cannot come up with anything that truly pops in me, I tend to write my own. I often come up with something that truly makes me laugh or some mystery of the universe that sparks my interest. Please send me any original messages of questions that you all have. You may have a chapter written in your honor and the your name given as the giver of the quote.

An example of some of these would be, "Is it called stealing if a person gets caught plagiarizing from the Bible?" or "Is cliff diving a sport or just creative falling?"

One of my newest favorites is "If a person has been blind since birth, can they still dream in a multi-colored universe?" I have been told by blind people that they can. However, under science, how could this be possible without ever seeing colors? A person would have to think beyond science and into a more spiritual answer if this was true. Wouldn't this be so?

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