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Don't overcorrect!

I haven't written a blog entry in a while and I thought that I am having many new more visitors to the site. I welcome you and apologize, I need to keep you all updated each week about what pops into my restless head at times.

Right now, winter driving has been on the front of my brain and it is time to become a lot more careful for everyone out on the roads. When I first started driving at an early age, one of the first things I learned was how to control the vehicle at all times. On icy roads, it is easy for the ass end of a car or truck to slide out one way or the other. I remember my father saying, "Always turn the steering wheel into the spin and don't overcorrect your steering and go the other way. This is how accidents happen."

In the last several years, it has sure seemed to me like everyone and our country as a whole is overcorrecting on everything. What causes the most wrecks and deaths is when a driver loses control or falls asleep and starts to drift off the side of the road. When they try to regain control, they yank at the wheel to make it go the opposite direction. If a person does this too quickly and with no finesse, they totally lose control of the vehicle and that is when a terrible rollover occurs.

A person can look at anything that has happened to mankind in the last several years. They can look at the problem being overcorrecting the solution to the FIRST problem. If a small amount of police officers are unscrupulous and cannot be trusted, then let's defund them all and start to think that all of them are our enemy and treat them that way. Overcorrecting!

During a pandemic, first line workers are treated like heroes for being courageous enough to help and treat their fellow people through horrible times. So when it gets somewhat better, let's turn everything around and force them to take a mandated vaccine or lose their job. Overcorrecting!

Inflation is horrible, so let's try to spend our way out of the problem. That is not just overcorrecting, that is just plain foolishness and utterly asinine!

Fossil fuels are bad so let's flip an invisible switch and start to ban all gas using essential items and vehicles. Let's have everything run off electricity. Massive overcorrecting!

This has to be eased into. Whatever happened to using transferrable vehicles like hybrids to ease everyone into this future reality. Plus, maybe we will have an electrical grid that can handle this at a future time. Farming and ranching need fossil fuels in order to provide food to the world and make a living doing so. Tractors, semi's and combines run off fossil fuels and no farmers could ever afford to transfer all of their vehicles over to anything else. The politicians keep yelling that if we don't stop using fossil fuels, we are going to die!!! Let me highlight this, WITHOUT FARMERS AND RANCHERS-OUR CIVILIZATION IS GOING TO SLOWLY DIE OUT FROM LACK OF A CONTINUOUS FOOD SUPPLY!!!!!!

Overcorrecting on a massive scale. The only thing worse than overcorrecting is just pretending that a problem doesn't exist. Common sense has seemed to be the main thing that has slid into the ditch and gotten into an accident.

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