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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I have been pretty serious about my blogs so far. Speaking about my injuries and alternate therapies. I want to be a true advocate of therapies, but I also believe that there are many more ways to find therapies in our lives. These are much more fun ways and we just have to make the time to do them. Does fishing and hunting do it for you? Then do it! Is it playing a pick-up game of basketball or enjoying the golf links on a beautiful summer day? Then enjoy the hell out of it! Do you get off on shopping or going to garage sales? Then buy your brains out!

Just never, ever be afraid to try something new that you may enjoy. If you don't like something, just tell the truth and say that you never want to do that again. It is just fine when one person likes something and doesn't expect you to enjoy it as well. They should just never expect to be with them whenever they do what makes them happy.

That is when one person starts to hold the other person in contempt and then they really start to dislike the other person. Don't force anything on to anyone, but also be willing to try anything once and make up your own mind. It may not work out, or you both might find something very special between you. Just trust each other in who they are and what they like to do.

This blog started out to be a guilty pledge about myself being a total music geek. I went a little bit off of the rails, but live concerts and what kind of music that a person enjoys can draw a huge reaction from people.

I have been to so many concerts at this point, that watching the crowds of people in between the bands performing can be quite entertaining for me. Especially when it is a hard paced, loud rock concert that is going on and a guy is jumping up and down, talking to anybody who will listen to him about how great the band that is playing is doing,

He keeps drunkenly yelling out "Whoo-Hoo!" or "F-yeah" and trying to sing some of the songs that have been played. Oh wait, that used to be me! I don't stand there like a fuddy-duddy and I still enjoy a good "Woo", but I have settled down a lot and I have quit drinking. Meanwhile, this man's girlfriend is rolling her eyes, covering her ears, and will not keep from looking at her phone.

I like to call this the "dog breeding" philosophy. It is like when you see a breed of dog that had a Saint Bernard father and a Shih Tzu mother. Or the other way around, if you like. If you think about it, either one of the dogs is going to be in a huge amount of pain or feeling nothing at all. This can happen with any type of music whether it be country music, a rock band, an engaging orchestra performance or a techno-rave that is going on.

I am a big time rock fan, but I have also enjoyed many country bands, a huge amount of orchestras, a few techno-raves and have even seen a couple of Broadway Shows. As a matter of fact, I sang and played drums in a lot of rock and country bands and have even played in quite a few orchestras. Some performances have been truly amazing. Some moments in concerts seemed to be amazing at the time but seem trivial later on, while others were just piss poor wastes of money.

Most of the concerts have melded into one long performance that you have sworn that you have heard and seen before. I mean no offense by this to anyone, but a lot of country concerts have done this to me. With the few exceptions of seeing legends like Garth Brooks, Reba or George Strait in concert, a lot of the concerts have all been the same.

Going to one of these concerts can be amazing and can cause life time memories. Sometimes, the concert all depends on the person that you enjoy it with. For me, the best memory at a country concert was two stepping with the cutest little blond cheerleader in the aisles of a George Strait concert. Those kinds of memories never go away.

I have to tell you some more stories of some of my favorite concerts and who I enjoyed them with and some that absolutely sucked, sometimes because of the people that I was with just because they loved it and I was forced to be there! Tell me your stories and let's compare. Tell it in detail because the best or the worst stories can only be told that way.

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