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Author of "The Soldiers Who Ate Rattlesnakes"
and the soon to be released
"A Knight's Journey!"


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What would you do to get home to the loved ones that had been left behind?  How hard would you fight to be by their side?  This is the perfect story to read when you are trying to get to your own home. Would you fight ruthless desperado's or wild animals?


The Soldiers Who Ate Rattlesnakes tells the story of three childhood best friends Gar Anderson, Al Alfreddson, and Kevin Dorey, who grow up in the farmlands of Minnesota and are thrust into the bloody battles of America's Civil War.

They thought fighting through the battles of Antietam and Gettysburg were the hard part of this journey.  However, that was just the beginning of this adventurous trek.  The journey home would prove to be much more hazardous.

Would you fight to survive an infamous Civil War prison to reach them?  Would you do whatever you can to survive a truly horrific steamship catastrophe?


What if they had thought that you had already been killed and have moved on?

This then becomes a story of the unbridled journey of searching for the loved ones that are no longer where they were last seen. This involves the adventures and incredible courage that come with trying to recover the past lives and the past loved ones that they had left behind.

This is mainly the story of fictional characters who live through the perils of the true events of the Civil War, the true events of America's worst steamship accident, and the true tales involved in the post war era that came with the passion to move into the unknown and wild western United States territories that were there only for the indigenous people and the most courageous souls!


I loved the story of the families that fought to stay together. I enjoyed the inclusion of familiar places and some character names. I chuckled over The inclusion of Madame mustache. I have read of her business. The alternating stories kept me engaged. I learned more from the story concerning the Civil War brutality.


"If I had seen your novel on the bookshelf, I would not have bought it.  It looked like such a guy book.  However, it is bloody and violent, but I loved how you mixed the adventures with tthe fight to get home and the romances between the characters of the story.  I found the book to be almost hypnotic.  I could not put the book down.  I had to know what would happen next.  I truly think that you are brilliant!"

"The Soldier's Who Ate Rattlesnakes" is the story of the hero 'Siete the Ghost', but it is so much more.  It's a history lesson that covers event, places of historical significances, cultural practices, and social norm of the 1860's.  Simultaneous stories thread their ways through this novel emerging as fine fabric at the end of cliff hangers at the end of each chapter.  There is something for every reader in this book.  This novel will awaken one's curiosity of American history while another reader will be heart warmed by loves true course.  Another person will be immersed in lore, legend and myth.  A highly recommended read.

Review from an an anonymous and please reader that was nice enough to write to me.

Sandy B.

My father's elderly, gray haired neighbor who was totally surprised at what Mr. O'Quinn had written.

Steve DePuydt

Music teacher and literature aficionado!

Seattle and Tacoma Washington musical director

In The Press



I never expected to become an author and publishing a novel was the last thing on my mind.  I wrote this and another novel in a nursing home while recovering from several injuries for a year.  I began writing as a form of therapy and escapism.  Please read my blogs for all of the in depth details about this.  I now find it utterly amazing.


I grew up in a small agricultural community in central Montana and I was raised on the hard work that comes with being involved with the operations of a several thousand acre farm.  Our farm was surrounded by several very large cattle ranching businesses and I truly enjoyed helping them during the busy times on their operations as well.


I grew up hiking or motorcycling on the mountain trails and kayaking and fishing the rivers during the summer months, while riding snowmobiles in the towering mountains and majestic plains during the winter months.

I have always enjoyed history and was enthralled by the historic sites that have always surrounded me in the great state of Montana.  I have been enamored with the stories of the old west, as well as the history of our great country and also of the history of western civilization.

I do have my degree in history and have been involved with a year long internship at the illustrious C.M. Russell Museum.  I was also involved with the archaeological dig of the original fort in the birthplace of Montana, Fort Benton.  I also lived in the Alberta Bair home for one month, cataloging all of it's vast heritage and collections.  This is now a museum and I am proud to say that I contributed to that!



Eventually I am going to have a store associated with this website that sells my books, along with my mother's much heralded western art prints (She passed away in 2018), and any other items that are made or come from the great state of Montana.  If you would like to represent any of the artists, would like to sell your items, or have a question for any of us.  Please contact us at:

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