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Welcome to the new website visitors. Give me your input!

I would like to thank the Alumni Association of EMC and MSUB for adding my story to the recent writing in the alumni newsletter. This has been a new journey that I have started and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of work that I have to accomplish. Besides trying to add more content to my own website, I have to first make people become aware of it. My publisher has started to build several social websites for me in which I have to add a huge amounts of content. At some time down the road, I am going to have to hire an assistant or even a partner to help this journey grow. I eventually want to sell several Montana made items out of this website including my books, western art and prints, photography art for sale and other original western items.

As many people know, my mother was a very popular and talented artist. She specialized in watercolor of the natural beauty that Montana provided to her. She unfortunately passed away right before Christmas in 2018 from a horrible battle with dementia. She left behind several prints about the four seasons of Montana. I also want to be offering those prints for sale as a tribute to her on my upcoming website.

If anyone would like to be represented in the future website, please contact me at this website's email which is or on a business gmail account at I would love to hear from all of you! And if any of you have any ideas or input that you would like to see. Please contact me! I will be the administer of this website and would be honored to have any of my friends involved with this.

Thanks for coming to see me! Dean

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