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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

I am a newly published author and I want to be a strong advocate for the use of writing as a form of therapy. In the last 6 years I have had four horrible injuries. I began having seizures in 2016, which caused me to total my car into a pole alongside the interstate and this accident gave me my 5th concussion and a broken back. Thank God, I hurt no one else. Doctors mixed up my medications and I was forced onto a medication that was making me horrible sick and weak, during this time. I continually complained about the pills making me sick, but the doctors just kept on saying to me, "If you don't take this pill, you are going to die. Don't quit taking this!" People have often asked me why I kept taking these pills. Well, a doctor telling you to do something is supposed to mean the right thing, like it has been for many years. However, now a days, I have learned that being a doctor doesn't mean that they are very good. I have a really hard time believing doctor's anymore because I get different viewpoints from several directions.

Because of this horrible weakness, I then tripped going into my father’s home while I had food in my arms and the first thing to hit the floor was my forehead, giving me the 6th, and most lethal concussion, a skull fracture and some brain damage. I was placed into a nursing home after this accident because I couldn't speak any understandable language and I had to use a wheelchair most of the time. This place was horrible, and it felt like a prison to me. I fought hard to get out of there.

After two months, I was released and made it two weeks out of this facility and fell again because of a vast amount of unsteadiness, which was later diagnosed by different doctors in a different city, as acute vertigo and by a neurologist as vestibular failure, which is a slower signal going from my cerebrum to one of my inner ears and not to the other inner ear that was working properly. This causes a fear of heights and general unsteadiness in my body. This new fall gave me a completely torn up shoulder which had to be surgically replaced and put me back into a nursing home for another 8 months. This is where I started writing as a form of therapy for the sharpness of my mind and the strength in my shoulder. That is why I am a huge advocate for writing as a form of therapy because I am living proof that this does work. I don't know where I would be without writing. I would probably still be giving up and living as a man in his early 50's and staring out a window in a nursing home. Boy, does that sound sad! As that is one of the main themes in my books I will say, "Keep Fighting and Stay Strong!"

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